walrusk appear requiments have 10 square pinometers of sand (10%) have 10 square pinometers of water (10%) visit requiments have 5 bullrushes have 15 pinometers os sea (15%) have 15 square pinometers of sand (15%) resident requiments have 20 square pinometers of water (20%) have 20 pinometers of sand (20%) has eaten 3 bullrushess has eaten a custacean romance requiments is wearing a bushy mustash has eaten 2 radish and 2 water lilys and a walrusk house tricks requiments trick 1 has eaten a bullrusk seed trick 2 has eaten a watercresss seed variants has eaten a pea to change its coulour to green has eaten a snapdragon flower changes its coulour to purple has eaten a bootle of medicine changes its coulour to pink

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