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[edit] Where we stand and What we need

Okay gents, lets get this bad boy started.

I have created the basic mockup for the Pinata pages, take a look at Bunnycomb or Sparrowmint as examples. There are two main templates used in the creation of pinata pages. Template:PinataHead, and Template:PinataBox. Please familiarize yourself with the basic use of them both (specifically PinataBox as it is a bit more tricky) before trying to use them. I haven't gotten around to making a very good writeup on how to use them yet, but what do you want, its 0430 AM right now for me, and I've been coding those damn templates all night lol.

[edit] The N issue

The use of the ñ vs just a regular n. Piñata vs. Pinata is going to be a big deal.

Generally speaking, lets try to have the categories and what not reflected with the ñ, but always make sure to have the redirects with the regular n set up as well.

For instance Viva Piñata is the actual page, but Viva Pinata will take you there as well ;)

[edit] Closing Thoughts

Lets really take this wiki off the ground guys!

[edit] Images of Pinatas

We need closeup images of the various Pinatas ASAP, so if you can rip them, or crop them out of screenshots and upload them it would be greatly appreciated.

I already got Bunnycomb and Sparrowmint done, but we need so much more!

[edit] Templates

(@Deathsythe) Sounds good, but I've gotta say, I'm not a fan of the templates for pinata pages. ._. Maybe it's just a personal thing, but templates like that just do not look attractive. The text is kinda hard to see and it looks.. messy. I've made the Infobox green to reflect the colors in the game, and I was going to use that for the pinata pages. I've also got a Sour Pinata infobox, which can be seen on the Sour Bonboon page. I get what you've added is for organization, but it just doesn't seem all that organized. --Nightmare 13:03, 14 May 2009 (UTC) Nightmare

The Templates I created are going to be more or less exact replicas of the layout of the encyclopedia for Viva Pinata DS, same with the colours.
Vppocket 25.jpg
Let me finish the graphics and then maybe it will look a little better. I am also working on making it multiple tables on the right for each condition that is listed.
I like the sour infobox, but I just don't think the data really should be presented in just a listed format on the pages.
-Deathsythe 18:29, 14 May 2009 (UTC)

I get what they're supposed to look like and all, but it just doesn't seem practical. There's no room for extra information, and I'm just not a fan. I'm gonna keep editing them as I am now, and we'll see what happens if you can get a nice version of your template finished. --Nightmare 21:40, 14 May 2009 (UTC)Nightmare

The templates are basically done, sans some minor touchups to alignment. They include the same format as the encyclopedia, ribbons and all; Automated categorization; Support for all 3 main games (party animals isn't the same type, it is racing isn't it?). There is also Template:PinataHouse which will automatically add the bit about the housing, including the cost. I am working right now on creating a database scanning script that will automatically draw the cost out of another database so that we don't have to worry about putting it in manually. ;)

There is plenty of room for extra information in the INFO/BIOGRAPHY Section, just like Zeta did on the Bunnycomb page. Any information outside of the basic requirements can be added in its respective sections underneath the game requirements, or above the Template:PinataHead.
Many other existing Viva Pinata wiki's all use a similar, if not the same, format as you are proposing Nightmare. While there is nothing wrong with it, Neowikis aren't supposed to be clones. We want to be original. We want to stand out. (We also want to be efficient, which is why maintaining proper categorization and organization is key, but that is a different story altogether).
To incorporate your ideas, specifically those centering around the colour scheme, we have created Template:SectionHead which will automatically create those lovely green headers for each section.
-Kunsel on behalf of Deathsythe   -  Wiki Administrator

[edit] Images

(@Deathsythe) -- I have already uploaded a large number of screenshots from every Pinata game, and they are all on the Screenshot Gallery. I may crop some later, but for now, there are many Pinatas there, so if you need one, feel free to crop it. -- Zeta

Great, most of the images are going through without a hitch, sans the ones I already uploaded. As soon as my Admin powers transfer over here, I will take care of those ones. Next we are going to need pictures of all the houses. (Preferably named in the following manner: "Pinatanamehouse.jpg" in order to work with some automated templates I've installed/created/working on)
-Kunsel 07:43, 17 May 2009 (UTC) on Behalf of Deathsythe

[edit] "Mating" Videos

What is everyone's opinion on including neovideo uploads of the mating dances of various pinatas for use on their respective pages?
-Kunsel 07:56, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

First off, I really don't agree to what you're saying about the templates - at all. Sure, it looks like the Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise encyclopedia pages, but it's a really ugly template.

Second, it really shouldn't matter if this wiki looks similar to the other good viva pinata wikis namely, It doesn't even look that similar. ._. They have tabs and such and the only real similarity is the Infoboxes being on the left, like they are on all wikis. With your template, I have trouble reading what the information is, it's detached, and it's just not a good way to convey information. I also don't understand why we need it to look exactly like the game. Isn't that also being "unoriginal" and such, as you accused my template of being..? Also, there's no room for information under the requirements, and the colors are just REALLY unattractive and not pinata-esque. And with regards to the SectionHead template, don't bother. The green doesn't match your weird template at aaall.

Lastly, I don't see why you're taking such a huge interest in this wiki, Deathsythe. Maybe because you like the game, but that's no reason to create ugly templates and force us to use them. This is supposed to be a TEAM EFFORT. Why do you get to create the template for all of us to use? I don't WANT to use it, does that mean I'm not allowed to edit the wiki? Another point, many other wikis have gone completely unnoticed and were built up by other members, with no direction or help from you wiki admins. What makes the viva pinata wiki so damn special to warrant it special necessary templates? --Nightmare 20:53, 17 May 2009 (UTC)Nightmare

Have fun with it, the wiki is yours. Expect no help, input, or content from me then. That seems to be what you want.
-Deathsythe 22:28, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Slow

I think you've all noticed how slow things are going these days. Progress was booming at the beginning but now it's moving as far as a glass tyre through mud. I don't know how I came up with that or if it even works but you get the point.

I'll be honest, this wiki has concerned me for a while. It's a shame to see this wiki die down.

Nightmare; perhaps an apology is in order? ~Relmutsie AN, 2/6/09, 12:29 GMT

[edit] Sigs in talk pages

Hey guys. Just popping buy and I'm having a hard time following some of the talk pages because I'm not entirely sure who wrote what. Would it be possible to try and make sure you sign your talk page edits? There's no need to sign off on page edits, but it helps keep things simple when reading talk pages. Thanks!

For those of you who aren't sure how to do so, just use two hyphens followed by four tildes (--, ~~ ~~ (remove the comma and spaces))

--Avalith 03:45, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Helping out

Also, if you guys want/need any input from the wiki admin, feel free to come to me. I'm not quite sure what the situation between Deathsythe and Nightmare here is, but I've got no problem stepping in and helping out if need be. I'll concede Nightmare's point that this is a community-driven wiki, not a wiki admin driven wiki, so you shouldn't feel forced to use the same old stuff the other wikis use if you don't want to. The templates were mainly added as a basic convenience, but you shouldn't feel forced to use them if you don't want to. Bruised egos have ruined many a good community project and I don't want to see this one fall apart. Nightmare and Relmutsie have done so much to get this thing going and it'd be a shame to see everyone's hard work just go to waste. We wiki admins are mainly here as advisers and enforcers. We enforce content rules and deal with staff related issues and other problems among wikis. That should be the extent of our force. Otherwise, we should really be just another contributor. I'd like to apologize on behalf of the entire wiki admin team to those involved in the debating here if they felt that unnecessary pressure was being applied here. I realize it's a couple of weeks late, but I've had other things going on.

--Avalith 04:05, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Main Page upgrade

Sorry to say but all I see is white and scattered headers. It doesn't look very neat. Would you like an upgrade to this main page? Relmutsie AN 07:45, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

Oh you don't have to say sorry. It looks neat and organized to me, and everyone else that's seen it. It doesn't need an upgrade. :L --Nightmare 19:31, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

I agree with Kat on this one. I really like the way this one looks because it is simple and clean, but colorful which represents the game. Nagare 20:31, 13 July 2009 (UTC)