Appears InViva Piñata (PC/360), Viva Piñata: TIP, Viva Piñata: PP
Base Value1500 Coins
AttackPork Chops


[edit] Viva Piñata: TIP

Are Rashberries filled with bacon flavored candy? And would that be the best idea ever, or the worst? If you feed a Rashberry some Cheesecake (tinkered Cheese), it evolves into a Hoghurt.

[edit] Appearance Requirements

  • Have a Gooseberry Bush in the garden.
  • Have a Chili plant in the garden.

[edit] Visit Requirements

  • Have three Gooseberries in the garden.
  • Have two Chilies in the garden.

[edit] Resident Requirements

  • Has eaten two rotten Gooseberries.
  • Has eaten two rotten Chilies.

[edit] Romance Requirements

  • There is a Rashberry House in the garden.
  • Has eaten a bowl of Pea Soup (tinkered Pea).
  • Has eaten a Blueberry Muffin (tinkered Blueberry).
  • Is wearing a Bling Nose-Ring.

[edit] Variants

  • A Rashebrry turns red after eating a Poppy Seed.
  • A Rashberry turns green after eating a Watercress Seed.
  • A Rashberry turns purple after eating a Nightshade Berry.

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