My crazy grandmother always said: 1. Mousemallows are never bigger than the gap betweem by pantry door, 2. Never fall for the "blind" routine, 3. Never trust a Mousemallow wearing trousers.
Level Base Value
2 300


Appear Ribbon.png Appear A Turnip in the garden.

Visit Ribbon.png Visit A Turnip in the garden.

Resident Ribbon.png Resident Has eaten a Turnip.

Romance Ribbon.png Romance Has eaten a Daisy or Buttercup Seed.
Have a Mousemallow house in the garden.

Variant Ribbon.png Variant Has eaten a piece of Cheese.

[edit] Requirement For

Syrupent: Resident

[edit] Evolutions

Housing Requirements

This is the Mousemallow house.

It costs $$$$ chocolate coins to build.

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