Banana Tree

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The banana tree is available to you once you obtain it from Seedos, around level 7. It can be planted on any surface, except water.

Cost: 154 chocolate coins

Selling Price: 280 chocolate coins

Level: 7

  • Like the name implies, it produces Bananas, which can be sold for # chocolate coins each.
  • Using yellow/mixed fertilizer on your banana tree while it is still immature will increase the total number of apples it can produce.
  • A banana seed triggers yellow variants for the Lackatoad and the Moozipan, when eaten.
  • A banana triggers yellow variants for the Juicygoose and the Salamango, when eaten.
  • Having a banana tree in the garden meets the resident requirements for the Parrybo and meets the visit/resident requirements for the Bonboon.
  • Eating 7 bananas helps meet the Bonboon resident requirements.
  • Eating 10 bananas helps meet the Parrybo resident requirements.
  • Eating 2 or 4 bananas helps meet the romance requirements for the Elephanilla and the Cinnamonkey, respectively.
  • Bananas can be changed to banana splits when tinkered by Bart.

[edit] Fertilization

The banana tree needs three doses of fertilizer to produce superior bananas than unfertilized banana trees. Banana trees have buds, which can be seen throughout its growing period. You must fertilize the tree every time new buds appear, until you have fertilized it three times.

Note: The banana tree needs yellow fertilizer.

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