Apple Tree

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The apple tree is one of the first trees available for you to grow in your garden. It can be planted on any surface, except water.

Cost: 55 chocolate coins

Selling Price: 220 chocolate coins

Level: 4

  • Like the name implies, it produces Apples, which can be sold for 20 chocolate coins each.
  • Using red/mixed fertilizer on your apple tree while it is still immature will increase the total number of apples it can produce.
  • An apple seed meets the resident requirements for the Sour Shellybean, when eaten.
  • Eight apples meet the Horstachio resident requirements, when eaten.
  • Feeding an apple [and a carrot] to a Lickatoad trigger a red variant.
  • Feeding an apple to a Badgesicle triggers a red variant.
  • Apples can be changed to caramel apples when tinkered by Bart.

[edit] Fertilization

The apple tree cannot be fertilized in the regular fashion. You'll need to wait until after the initial fertilization, which can be done anytime when the tree is still immature. Once the tree has reached it's peak of maturity, you'll see that its leaves shake and it looks as if the tree is sighing. That's when you hit it with the second dose of fertilizer. It will shake again soon after the second dose, so keep an eye on it so that you are prepared to give it the final fertilization. After this, the tree will have more branches and produce more apples than the average apple tree.

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