The first shovel you get.
The Shovel is likely the most important tool in your garden. It allows you to perform most of the necessary gardening abilities:
  • Whack Hard Soil
  • Dig Hole
  • Dig Pond
  • Poke Piñata
  • Whack Piñata
  • Tap Object
  • Smash Object
  • Cut Grass

[edit] Shovel Head/Handle Upgrades

There are also various upgrades for the shovel. They are usually obtained after an increase in level, but a few can only be bought from Ivor Bargain (or Costolot's General Store, in Trouble in Paradise).

Upgrade Method
Shovel Head and Handle N/A
Seed Shovel Head Level 5
Iron Shovel Handle Level 6
Pond Shovel Head Level 7
Bronze Shovel Handle Level 13
Tree-Cutter Shovel Head Level 15
Silver Shovel Handle Level 23
Gold Shovel Handle Level 28
Chocolate Sniffer Ivor Bargain/Costolot
Dastardos Head Ivor Bargain/Costolot
Platinum Shovel Handle Ivor Bargain/Costolot

The Chocolate Sniffer, Dastardos Head, and Platinum Shovel Handle are three exclusive upgrades that only Ivor Bargain sells. They each help out with specific aspects of your garden and are well worth their price.

Upgrade Price Level Ability
Chocolate Sniffer 540 12 Detects chocolate coins in your garden and will beep when one is nearby. Dig to uncover them.
Dastardos Head 3,150 20 Allows you to stun Dastardos by choosing the whack/smack option.
Platinum Shovel Handle 1,250 30 Makes digging ponds easier and faster.

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