Professor Pester & Ruffians

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Professor Pester
Real NameLester
DescriptionLeader of the Ruffians; General annoyance in gardens; Enjoys smashing pinatas and stealing the candy for himself.

[edit] In the Game

Build a wall like this, and Professor Pester will be unable to enter the garden.
In the various Viva Pinata games, Professor Pester will terrorize your garden, along with his minions, the Ruffians. Professor Pester will target your highest value pinata, smash it open, and vacuum up all the candy, then leave. (If you're quick enough, you can grab the life candy of the pinata he smashes and sell it; it would be like you sold the pinata, that way.) In Trouble in Paradise, there is a way to keep Professor Pester from entering your garden without buying the Captain's Cutlass.

If you build a fence/wall from the edge of the Tower of Sour to the edge (or almost the edge) of the garden, Professor Pester will be blocked from entering your garden. He will stand there and point, laugh, and make "OH" sounds, but he will not enter.

Note: This does not work with Ruffians. They will always enter the garden unless the Captain's Cutlass is present.

[edit] In the Show

Professor Pester is the main antagonist in the Viva Pinata animated television show. He comes up with schemes to capture pinatas and smash them open, then collect and eat the candy - though, his schemes always fail, or are thwarted at the last second. He often disguises himself to trick the pinatas. Some of his disguises include a Trojan Horstachio, his own mother, and a movie set director.

[edit] Ruffians

The Ruffians are Professor Pester's minions. In the games, they ruin gardens by spitting up dirt (to fill in ponds), break fences,

and fight with pinatas. In the television show, they carry out Professor Pester's schemes, but they usually mess up.

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