Appears InViva Piñata (PC/360), Viva Piñata: TIP, Viva Piñata: PP
Base Value3600 Coins


[edit] Summary

The Bonboon is a special piñata that will stop fights in your garden, if directed to do so. Bonboons will not appear until you tame its sour form, the Sour Bonboon.

[edit] Viva Piñata (All Versions)

[edit] Appear Requirements

  • Have a resident Bonboon in the garden.

The Bonboon will not appear outside your garden until you tame a Sour Bonboon. When a Sour Bonboon enters your garden, direct a Syrupent, Twingersnap, or Fourheads to it, and a fight will start. If the Sour Bonboon loses, it will join your garden.

[edit] Visit Requirements

  • Have one monkeynut tree planted in the garden
  • Have one banana tree planted in the garden

[edit] Resident Requirements

  • Has eaten seven monkeynuts
  • Has eaten seven bananas
  • Have one monkeynut tree grown in the garden
  • Have one banana tree grown in the garden

The Bonboon will autonomously eat the fruit it needs to for its resident requirements. It will leave if you don't have enough fruit, or if it is full for the time being. The number of fruit it has eaten will not reset if it leaves the garden. (ex; It eats three bananas, then leaves. When it returns, three out of the seven bananas will still be "eaten.") If your trees aren't producing enough fruit, you can buy the fruits from Costalot's General Store, though they're quite pricey - like everything else there.

[edit] Variants

  • Orchid Flower - White Variant
  • Bluebell Flower - Blue Variant
  • Bird of Paradise Seed - Orange Variant

[edit] Romance Requirements

  • Has eaten three Jameleons
  • Have a Bonboon house in the garden
The Bonboon house. It costs 1980 chocolate coins to build.

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