If a Cluckles had this many legs, people would shout hooray and fire up the barbeque. However, the Arocknid's legs seem to make people cautiously reach for a rolled-up newspaper. This eight legged Pinata is perfect for any birthday party that takes place on October 31st, but it is not the most popular Pinata on the block. There is a reason some folks can't wait to whack it with a stick, and it's not just the candy inside!
Level Base Value
4 1500


Appear Ribbon.png Appear You are a level 3 gardener or better.

Visit Ribbon.png Visit Have 4 Tafflies or 4 Raisants in the garden.

Resident Ribbon.png Resident Has Eaten 2 Tafflies or 2 Raisants.

Romance Ribbon.png Romance Has Eaten 2 Buzzlegums
Have an Arocknid house in the garden.

Variant Ribbon.png Variant Has eaten a Jack o' Lantern.

Houseicon.png Housing Cost 825 chocolate coins


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